Hello. My name is Jeff, and Welcome to THE PRIDE!!!!

I’m a simplistic, minimalist man. I don’t care about flash, glitz, and glamor. I admire the beauty of simplicity. The beauty of function and reliability, which leads to a stress free life, not to be swayed by the whims and trends of modern society. My lifestyle, training, and diet are simple and brutally effective.

Think of pride- personal pride, the pride of a lion! The strength, both physical and mental- the discipline, hard work, and the unbreakable spirit to leave the masses behind, be above average, and lead the life you were meant to live.

At The Pride, we encourage free thinking, self reliance, and individualism. I encourage you to read the words on the screen, but not sit there and blindly agree with everything said. This is about free thinking. To make you open up your mind and decide what you truly believe.

I invite you to break the chains of normal, average existence and join THE PRIDE!

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