Average and Above Average- The Difference

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While there is a vast difference between average and above average people, there is one simple thing that makes the real difference between the two. It is like a small seed that is planted one day, that grows into a 100 foot oak tree over years and years.

The one difference between the average and the above average is your belief system, which leads to how you view things. Many think that they are locked down into a box of their beliefs, which controls how they view the world around them. They believe that if they are born poor and are bombarded by the beliefs of their poor parents, friends, and family, that they are destined to remain poor and average for the rest of their days.

In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. As an example, I was not poor growing up, but I came from a middle class single income family that had a certain mindset and set of values and beliefs. Over the course of life, I was able to pull the blinders off and see the world for what it truly is and all that it has to offer when I broke the chains.

There are many ways that average people view the world and the things around them that are different from the above average.

Money- Most people have views about money that far from favorable. The average look at money as to what it can do for them today. What it can buy them right now. It is used as content for fantasies that involve castles, ever increasing luxury, the latest and greatest of everything. When it comes to money, most have a lottery mentality. Their only hope of “making it” is to win the lottery, win an insurance settlement, or get an inheritance from an eccentric uncle or something.

The above average view money in a completely different light. They ride the front of the money wave, so to speak. Money is viewed as a medium of exchange, as a utility that is used world wide. To the above average, money is looked at as not what it can buy you today, but the freedom it can buy you tomorrow. It is spent minimally and the surplus is invested in assets that increase in value. The above average person focuses on their “Fuck you money”.

Work- Most are plugged into the same old script of work, which oddly enough ties into money. Most are told the same thing about work. Go to school, get a good job, gut it out until retirement at 65 when Social Security kicks in, and hope you have enough to scrape by until you die. Nothing is ever invested in the future and there is no challenge outside of their 9-5.

Above average people focus on one thing in their work life- VALUE. They may have a job, but they put themselves in a position to where they work for the love of their work and do not need the money. They do not go into debt or spend extravagantly. Their vision is focused on the future.

Above average will most likely own their own business, or have many side hustles where they have control of how the operation is run. They focus on providing the world with extreme value and mastering the art of solving the world’s problems. Retirement is usually not an option. Although they could retire, they choose not too because their work is so damn fun! At the very least, their “retirement” is an ending of mandatory work in the work force for the sole purpose of a paycheck.

Charity and Self- This is a sticky subject for most but it need to be covered. This is my opinion on the matter. One of the biggest problems that face the average is to put the needs of others before themselves and give in to what they view as mandatory charity giving. This sounds like the polar opposite of the previous topic of providing value and solving world problems but there is a huge difference and it all lies in timing.

Should you help people and give to charity? In my opinion, yes. BUT!!! One should not feel obligated to. Make sure you can help yourself first. You must know when to be appropriately selfish. The average person buys into the idea of being a martyr, a noble saint so to speak to help others and “give the shirt off their back” when they cannot take care of themselves.

If you have ever been on an airplane, you know that before takeoff you will hear the warning from the pilot that if there is an emergency situation and oxygen masks fall from the top of the cab, to secure your own mask before helping anyone else.

The above average person will bring themselves up out of the gutter. They may have some help from mentors, but they will be doing most of the heavy lifting. When they place themselves in a position of advantage, they will reach out and help others pull themselves out of the gutter. The moral of the story is that you cannot help others if you cannot help yourself.

Instant Gratification- Average people are focused on right here and right now. They are entertainment addicts that are bent on instant gratification. It doesn’t help that we live in a world driven by entertainment and social media. We could complain about this and pine for the ‘good old days’, or we can take it for what it is and realize that we live in the best time in the history of the world.

Above average people do not sit around and idly consume passive entertainment. As a matter of fact, most above average people create entertainment and use social media to spread their message and that immense value to the world around them. They take little interest in the end result as the end all, but focus on the process and the building of their empire. This includes building businesses, investments portfolios, etc.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of the difference between the average and the above average, but it illustrates a point. Changing the mindset, re-focusing your beliefs, and providing value to the world. Planting the smallest seed is the beginning of an entirely new life.

Rise up and Stay Strong!!




2 thoughts on “Average and Above Average- The Difference

  1. Great Post Jeff!

    I have to agree wit your post that in order to rise above we must think differently from the other regular people.

    For me i grew up in the South Bronx were you see average people living poor and miserable lives with their hand out waiting for their monthly check. The majority of these people are happy to live this way and do not see a reason to leave.

    I guess it was how they were raised to see the world. Their parents or parent did it so why not them as well.

    I grew up with parents who had a different mentality. My dad worked hard everyday while my mom stayed home and took care of us. We did not have the luxury of wearing $100 dollar Jordans to school or wearing some designer’s name across my chest like a billboard nope we wore non designer clothes and shoes. Did it bother me? Of course it did because i wanted to be a follower and not a leader.

    It was not until my father decided to take us to Spain where he grew up where i realized that the world is totally different than what i imagined. Just like you my eyes were open and i made the decision that the South Bronx was not for me!

    So when i came back i started building my road out of that shit. Along the way i lost a lot of people who are probably still hanging out in the corner selling dope, getting shot at, getting arrested all because they think this is all they have.

    They blame others for their misfortunes while they ride around in Benz riding on 20’s. The white man is keeping me down is a common occurence which i believe is bullshit. They are living that slave mentality and seeing the reality, which is that you and no one else can keep you down.

    My ass stayed school and learned until i got my diploma and decided to join the service. I figured i wanted to see the world while i learned a trade and grabbed some college money all in one swoop! No other place was offering that not even college! I wanted to live real life and not go to college and live and continue to live a sheltered life.

    Did my time in the service worked a little in the civilian world and decided to go to a trade school and learn a trade. I left the ghetto behind my parents left and bought a house in suburbia and all is well so far as i continue to rise!

    Distractions only waste time!

    Great post


    1. Fantastic, Jose!

      Sounds like we had similar upbringings. We weren’t poor, but we weren’t rich either. As I grew older, I made a firm decision to change my mind through my way of thinking. Most of this has come from books, as well as well written blogs (like yours).

      I keep telling myself, “If only I had access to this much information when I was younger”, but I did not and it came to me when the time was right and here I am.

      You keep up the good work Jose. As always, your comments are more than welcome.

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