Always Strive for Perfection

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If this is the first time you have been on this site, you probably don’t notice anything different. If you’ve been following for a while you have probably noticed a lack of posts as of late from The Pride.

While I could go on about hustling and being too busy to post anything lately, that would be a cop out. While I’ll admit that I’m the type of person who doesn’t always have a lot to say, the fact of the matter is that I have too much to say. Over the course of the last few weeks, I have written many posts and had many ideas for other posts, but they have not seen the light of day. Why, you ask? Because they weren’t worthy of being posted.

I have written many posts and poured an insane amount of emotion into them. When I was finished writing them, I read through them and felt unease and discontent. They seemed as though I was just ranting, going on about this and that with no flow or direction.  I could post everything I have written lately but it wouldn’t be right. And that is the lesson of the day.

Always strive for perfection!

I have seen on other sites in the past, the writer put out post after post, daily, several times a day. Some writers can make this work for them, and others not so much. Some writers bog their site down with so much content that after a while no one is interested. Some of them turn into a Facebook status with posts of every rant, feeling, and emotion.

My approach is slightly different. I always strive for the perfect piece of art, the very best work that I can produce. I am a perfectionist. There will never be any time on The Pride that you will see daily posts, I’m just not that kind of guy. But when I do post I will make it count. I will research, write, edit, and rewrite until I get the result I want.

Outside of The Pride and the blogging world in general, you must always strive for perfection, no matter what it is that you do. Whether it is your job, your business, your side hustle, you family, or your friends, you must go out of your way to bring the very best. In these times, far too many people seek the easy way out, looking to do the minimum to survive. I advocate doing the maximum. When you go out of your way to overproduce, to go above and beyond what is expected, you gain respect. You gain the respect, trust, and admiration of everyone around you. People can see your passion and raw emotion.

If you want to be the best and most valuable person at your place of employment, go above and beyond. If you aspire to run a profitable business that is considered an authority in the field, go above and beyond. If you wish to build a rock hard body of steel, leave your inhibitions at the door and grab it by the throat! Whatever it is that you do in life, seize the day, knock down the target, go full force, go for the jugular, and always strive for perfection!!

Rise up and stay strong!!


One thought on “Always Strive for Perfection

  1. Jeff! As always brother fantastic post!

    Your writing reflects your personality so why not write a well thought out blog post! There are many sites and blogs out there who constantly put out posts every hour of every day! At times i wonder who do they do that? Then after close examination you realize that most of the articles are reworded from other previous articles or are just talking about nothing in general.

    For me to be interested in a blog it has to have something worth reading about. Nothing stops me from going to a blog more quickly than too much content that had no thought into it.

    Which is why i like visiting your blog and others like it. I feel that you are a smart young man who has a lot to say and it shows, which is why i like coming here and reading what you have made. Although i do wished you have put out your previous works that you thought had no direction because you felt that you were ranting. I think it would have made me and others understand you more and also from where you come from.

    I understand that as a perfectionist you want the best out there for all to see but we are all just Human and i feel that we should see your lowest mixed in with the best articles. I know for me i just put myself out there emotions and all. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not I’m only human and do not want people to think that its going to be like that all the time whenever they visit my blog.

    My problem is that i cannot stop writing at 300 words. My posts tend to be over 1000 words everytime and when i comment as you can see is just as long as most people tend to write. I feel that it takes more than just a 300 word post to state an idea or opinion so i just write until i feel that my message has gone through.

    You continue to write the way you feel so far its been good!!

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