The New Black Friday

By: Mike Licht


Good morning from The Pride! I hope all of you had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did!

From the all day food free for all of yesterday to the all day free for all of the “biggest shopping day of the year”. The cancerous infection known as Black Friday. It sounds like a harsh way to describe it, but it really is true. Black Friday has turned the seemingly, somewhat normal person into blood thirsty, consumerist savage.

In the spirit of breaking the chains of consumerism, I think that it is time to for The Pride to begin practicing an ultra minimalist day. The other day I was reading a blog called Mr. Money Mustache. The writer suggested ditching consumerism on Black Friday and having a new day titled Badass Friday. the purpose of Badass Friday is to be completely contrary to Black Friday and create an experience, better yourself, or work on your personal badassery rather than fighting for your life at the shopping mall and becoming ever dependent on your job to pay your credit card bill.

In true nature of The Pride, what a better way to spend the new found holiday of Badass Friday than to fight the power, stay away from the war zone of the shopping centers, and instead work on ourselves, our side hustles, and expand our skill sets. Maybe even take an awesome adventure into unknown territory in true Badass fashion.

While the masses are supporting the cash cows and maxing out their credit cards to impress their friends and loved ones, let’s cut the crap and become followers of Badass Friday! Who’s with me?

Rise up and stay strong!!


3 thoughts on “The New Black Friday

  1. Great Post Jeff!

    Black Friday is where you see the dark part of humanity come out in all its glory. The turning into a wild neanderthal swinging madly at anyone who comes to close to the Plasma TV on sale! I have heard of people getting stabbed and even electrified by stun guns and people being maced not for protection but so they can grab that latest consumer do-dad that’s in style right now.

    This is just for me a way on how people who any other day are normal turn into savages! It does not matter if they are White, Black or Brown the level of savagery happening on the sales floor is so pitiful that i begin to wonder if people would be acting like this if they knew that the world will end!

    I remember working in retail as a sales person selling TV’s, Cameras and the like. I hated Black Friday as i saw it first hand people pushing, shoving and actually fighting each other for the product only to find out the store only had 2 available. I remember ducking behind the counter because a customer who came to buy the product found out that we did not carry it. Even though we showed him on the flyer the small print which says 2 available in each store. Throwing a boombox from the counter at the guy next to me and inciting a riot! Luckily the security guard was there because the guy was already trying to climb over the counter at us.

    I thought if he comes over the counter we are going to have to fight this dude right here but the security guard grabbed him and pushed to the floor and took him outside. Ever since then i began to despise Black Friday as a day when people come and lower themselves to a level of savagery! Like Monkeys in a cage fighting over a banana!

    This is what humanity has turned into? Acting like a savage for a product which will most likely break down within six months. I cannot bother myself and my family with that which is why we do our shopping early! To hell with Black Friday! I would much rather like the “Bad Ass Friday” you spoke about in your post above! At least with that you can stimulate your mind and actually produce something in your life!!

    Like Aurini said in one of his videos “A man needs to have a long term project in his life!” Those savages that were in black Friday do not have the mental capacity nor do they do anything productive with their lives. One day they will all be extinct like the Dinosaur!

    Again great post Jeff!!

  2. Jeff,

    Excellent post, love it. I write a blog for men trying to manage their finances. One of the themes that I am hitting on time and again is the need for men to BUY LESS CRAP. What items you buy, you should purchase of high quality.

    There is a needless mob mentality on Black Friday. Each year some poor souls loose their lives as mindless crowds trample them on their way to a $99 television. Please! As men, we need to disengage from such utterly thoughtless behavior. A man of honor does not act like an unchained wild animal.

    Back to the hoarding of junk.

    I’ve chosen to launch my blog on the topic of men needing to cut down the amount of crap in their lives and focus on what really matters. To that end, I would really appreciate your input in the two first two articles I’ve authored in the series:

    I found your blog via the Bold and Determined twitter. Victor’s got a great message and I see you’re plugging Body of a Spartan. Fantastic. I can’t wait to see what posts you have for us men in the new year.

    Stay strong,

    1. Thank you Vincent. At the Pride, we believe in simplicity, strength, and minimalism.

      One of our greatest strengths is to control our money, not get into debt, and not even spend at our income level.

      I’m excited to check out your blog as finance and economics are some of my top interests.

      I’d be Happy to read your articles and give you some feedback.


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