A Cure for what Ails You- Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we learned about cold water therapy and how to implement it into our daily routine. Today, we are going to learn why we need a good dose of cold water boost our spirits. The benefits of cold water therapy are infinite. Throughout history legions of men (and women) have engaged in […]

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Have the Body of A Spartan

I believe some explaining is in order. If you look over to the sidebar, you will see a widget for Body of a Spartan with instructions to “Click here to view more details”. While I have experienced that people have clicked on it, most likely out of pure curiosity, it would probably benefit an explanation […]

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All Things Are Possible With Strength

  Fly Navy / Foter / CC BY There are many people out there struggling with their physical self. They would like to better themselves physically but they cannot weed through all of the “information” from all of the “gurus” out there. Everywhere they turn, they’re finding conflicting information from so-called experts out there. When […]

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