The Day I Realized I Broke the Chains

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when they have an “ah-ha” moment. A moment when a lightbulb clicks on in their head and they know that they are following the right path.

For me, I had two of those moments in the last year and they both had to do with conversations from my parents. The first moment was when I was having a conversation with my mother. I had been busy hustling my ass off. I was embracing minimalism, cleaning out and selling old, unwanted shit, doing some side work, and making some cash. I was in full-on hustle mode. While talking to my mother she asked me “Is everything okay?” I told her yes and asked why she was asking. She told me that she saw that I was very busy, that I was selling stuff and working on the side. She asked me if I was doing okay financially. I laughed and said yes. Instead of going into a full blown explanation of my hustles and plans for future assets and freedom, I just left it at that.

The next ah-ha moment came months later when talking to my father. I was still in full-on hustle mode, buying, selling, working side hustles, expanding my renaissance mentality, when my father posed a serious question. He said to me “can I asked you something?” I said sure and he asked “Is everything was okay?”. I said yes and remembering the conversation with my mother, asked why he was asking. He, like my mother said that I had been hustling my ass off selling stuff and doing side work. He asked me if I had enough money. Again I laughed and said yes. Again, I did not give a full blown explanation of my plans.

Why? Because they would not understand!

Its that simple. Little did they know that I was sitting on a gold mine of investments and cash to invest with. Little did they know that the money I was raking in was not going to food, housing, or utilities. the money was going to FREEDOM! Not freedom today, but freedom for tomorrow.

Here’s the thing with my parents. When I was growing up, my parents told me to do well in school, maybe go to college if I wanted to, and get a good job. To work myself to the bone my whole life and cross my fingers on the hopes of a pension or social security and maybe enjoy life in retirement in my sixties or seventies. They fell for the same trap that everyone else did.

When I was a kid, when my parents, other relatives, or their friends ever worked on the side, took on a second job, or sold any of their belongings, it was because they could not pay their bills and needed the money to get by.

My philosophy is simple. Diversify! Work as many side hustles as possible, minimize your expenses, maximize your income and invest for the future, not to retire when you are too old to do anything, but to be financially secure to the point where working is optional.

What is the benefit of this? Less stress for starters. If you work and do not need the money, you put yourself in a better position to focus on the performance of the job, rather than the paycheck. It gives you options. If you have security, you can live comfortably for a long time, possibly for the rest of your life without having to work at all. If circumstances dictate your job ending, finding another job is optional.

After talking to my mother, then having the same conversation later with my father, the light bulb clicked on above my head and I realized that I broke the chains!

Rise up and stay strong!!


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