The Hard Way

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You have all heard it at some point in your life in some movie or even a real life situation.

“Do you want to do this the easy way, or the hard way?”

The other person will usually cave in and agree to do things the easy way. Today I am going to suggest option B- The Hard Way.

Throughout life, we have decisions to make on whether to do things the easy way or the hard way. When I was younger, I chose to do things the easy way, however, as I have gotten older, I think it is time to learn things the hard way.

I’m not suggesting that you go out of your way to struggle through life and have absolutely nothing. I’m suggesting taking an alternate path to live a fulfilling, bad ass life.

For example, most people choose to have everything done for them. They are weak and soft and flabby. They never get any use of their muscles and their bodies. They pay people to cook for them, entertain them, mow their yard, clean their house, and even wash their car. I could easily have someone do all of those things for me, but that would leave me sitting around consuming mindless entertainment and accomplishing nothing. My version of the hard way is simply Do It Your Damn Self!

Become aggressively independent and have skills and ambition to accomplish anything without outsourcing it to someone else. Not only will it save you a few bucks, but it will enrich your life and add to your skill strength.

The point of all of this is that right now in society, it may be common and almost expected to lead a convenient and lazy lifestyle, but there will come a time where real men are needed once again to save the world with their bad ass skills.

Start your mission today of doing things for yourself. Sure, there may be things that you need some help with, but that does not mean that they are outsourced completely. Take care of your own house, car, and family and do not let someone else do it for you.

You can sit around lounging day and night, like an average jabroni, or you can get your hustle on and do things the hard way!

Rise up and Stay Strong!!


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