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In today’s world more than ever, if you want to get ahead in life, there is one thing that you MUST do. And that one thing is HUSTLE!

Before we talk about hustling, let’s get it straight from the get-go exactly what hustling is and what it is not. When most people think of hustling, they get a bad taste in their mouth. Hustling is usually associated as being negative. It brings up images of card sharks, pool sharks, and thugs on street corners selling drugs and stolen merchandise. While this can be considered hustling, this is not what we are focusing on.

For the independent man, the entrepreneur, hustling is nothing more than making money on your own. That’s it, easy peasy. Making money on your own outside of a job or at least building something now for future income.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about how to hustle. There are many ways to hustle and get your grind on. The important part is to channel your mindset to that of an entrepreneur and stop thinking like an employee.

When you are an employee, you have no control over how much money you make. Sure, you can work extra hours and make a little bit more, which mostly goes to Uncle Sam in the form of taxes. But can you double or even triple your income in the next year from a job? Most likely not. So we have to figure out how to do it on our own.

Today we are going to learn how to hustle. How to get our minds programmed to make money on our own. If you have the ability to think of a way to start a way to start a business, market a product or service, and make money, then all the better.

However, there are ample amounts of people that have no idea where to start making their own money. The very simplest method to making some side cash that will not even cost you a penny. You start by looking from within. Within your own house that is. That’s right, your possessions.

I can tell you for a fact right now that everybody has about $1000.00 worth of junk lying around, cluttering up their house that they can sell and make some cash. Granted, you are not going to be able to sell the items for more than you paid for them and make a profit. (You probably paid too much for them anyway) But this method is the bare bones starter method of learning how to sell things. How to photograph them, post them, market them, and sell them.

The easiest thing to do is to go through your home room by room and weed out all of the stuff cluttering closets, desks, and shelves. Things that you were excited to buy, but never used.

As an example, I recently did this myself. As a recovering consumerist and aspiring minimalist, I went through my house and gathered up all of the crap I rarely if ever used. I went through rooms, closets, dressers, everything. After gathering up all of the shit cluttering up my house, I took it to my storage shed and had a huge weekend sale.

I did not just open up the storage shed and hope people would show up. I promoted the hell out of it. I went around town and posted signs in high traffic areas. I advertised the sale in the local classifieds and whetted people’s appetites with photos and prices. I sold a ton of stuff before i had the actual sale.

After the sale was over I learned a couple of very valuable lessons. Firstly, I learned about people and how to market things to them, how to push their buttons and make them part with their money. Secondly, this built up my confidence to sell products and has catapulted me to step 2, which I call product investing.

Product investing is similar to the stock market. Buy low, and sell high. By selling some of your old crap, you get an idea of what things are worth, what people are looking for, and how much they are willing to pay. If you can pick things up on the cheap and sell them for profit, you are good as gold. When you learn to do this on a regular basis, you have an impressive stream of side income. That’s a topic for another chapter.

Until then, go through the house, garage, storage shed, or whatever. Get rid of your old junk, and start selling it. That’s step 1 to being a hustler.

Until next time.

Rise up and stay strong!



4 thoughts on “Be a Hustler

  1. BRO! I was wondering where you split to! Hope all is going well for you player!

    Learning to hustle is a great way for a person to learn how sell, network, be more watchful for opportunities that may pop up and of course how money works.

    Hustlers have a bad rep and if you grew up anywhere near an inner city slum you would know quite a few hustlers how can hook you up with things. For me i learned by watching those guys do their thing on the street. It did not matter what it was that they were into for me it was more learning how they sold, how they marketed their products and the like.

    I have seen it enough and grew up around it that i decided that it was time for me to Huslte as well. I grew up in an era where BMX and Freestyle was the thing to be in. I remember i began to buy and sell bicycle parts from old parts i had or had acquired from others on the DL. The little money i made was enough for me to use to buy BMX bicycle parts from others or buy them new for my BMX bike.

    It felt good to have some money in my pocket to buy the stuff i wanted. But as i got older i kind of stopped doing that because from there i was heading for the military where this skill was used to the utmost! You see the military I’m sorry to say is like prison and of course the underground trade was there. People were selling or trading stuff like combat boots, brooms, Tobacco Dip, Cigarettes etc You name it someone was pushing it.

    I worked with this Petty Officer Third Class who handled the supply room. He was from Georgia and this guy had the whole ship on check! Hell he would have fully decorated Officers and the Master Of Arms come looking for him to trade. Combat boots were a hot item on the ship since they tended to wear out and you were only allowed one pair. This guy had a connection in the ships Supply Room and from there access to the boots. A carton of cigs got you those boots i swear that little broom office he worked out of had a revolving door.

    I asked him one day “Johnson! How did you start doing this?” He told me in Southern accent “Somebody needed something and we traded then it went from there.” I was like are you serious? You mean you did not even try to plan out it just fell on his lap! Money never really exchanged hands but when he needed something he just picked up the phone and within a few minutes it was there.

    I have a lot of respect for people who do their own thing! Make their own money! I want to be in that group of people! I’m pushing as hard as i can to get there and hopefully i will get there.

    I have to stop writing these long comments!

    Great Post Bro and keep hustling playa!

    1. Jose,

      Keep hustling brother. You’ll get to the promised land soon enough. Whatever you do, don’t stop writing the long comments. I love them! I can tell that you’re inspired and that’s the point.

      I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. Just working on some other side hustles. I’m not one to multitask so I took a little breather from blogging until I got things squared away.

      Plenty more in the days to come.

      Stay strong brother!

  2. “One thing’s for cetain and two things for sure, bein’ poor is a disease gotta hustle up a cure!” This is a great article and I love the hustlers mentality. I’ve had it since day one since i could think, and I’ve survived on 3 continents having left home and traveled at 18 until now aged 30.

    I’ve never done anything dishonest so i know what you mean about hustlers having an unfairly bad reputation. One piece of advice I can give is this: stop trying to push product. Listen to people, listen to what they want and desire and like, then find something to sell them.

    Keep writing.


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