New Year’s Revolution

By: Justin Russell

Ladies and gentlemen of The Pride, the new year is upon us. As 2013 draws to a close and the new year rings in, let us calmly and methodically gear up for our own New Year’s Revolution.

What is a New Year’s Revolution you ask?

It is a simple mindset of throwing away the old and tired tradition of New Year’s resolutions. The New Year’s resolution is a failed concept from day one. People everywhere realize that their life is not where they want it to be and decide to start the year new with a resolution to do or not do certain things ALL YEAR LONG.

What people do not realize is that they self impose these whimsical resolutions without any prior thought before New Year’s Eve. All of the sudden the new year is upon them and they have to make a snap decision as to what their resolution is going to be. Most of this is brought on by peer pressure and the need to fit in with their colleagues.

People tend to just pull something out of their ass at the last minute and go with it. And it is usually some arbitrary bullshit that will never happen.

They say things like “I’m going to lose weight“, “I’m going to put on some muscle“, “I’m going to start a business“, “I’m going to get rich“, or some other nonsense with no prior planning. They throw out something with no prior thought beforehand and no plan. They start out New Year’s Day with the best of intentions and within a week, sometimes a month, maybe more, they get tired of the challenge, of chasing some imaginary fairytale, and give up. “Well, there’s always next year“, they say.

Needless to say we need a new tradition, we need something laser focused with a plan and a follow through. Enter the New Year’s Revolution, New Year’s Plan, or a New Year’s Manifesto. Something with a clear cut definitive goal, a rock solid plan, and massive follow through.

For example, instead of saying at the last minute, “I’m going to lose some weight”, try saying my GOAL is to lose 20 pounds in X amount of days. I’m going to do this by following this program and eating this certain way. I will not deviate from the plan, and I will crush it. See how different that is from “I’m going to lose some weight this year”.

Make it a solid clear cut goal, give yourself a plan of attack, and a timeframe to work with. What’s the other piece of the puzzle? Start well before New Year’s Eve! You should start mapping out your plan at least a month ahead of schedule for short term goals. For long term goals, start much sooner. It is not uncommon for successful people to have several short term goals, one year goals, 3-5 year goals, and 20 year goals.

Make your goals as clear cut as possible and write them down. Don’t just try to remember what the hell it was you brainstormed so long ago.

A while back I read a post from Victor Pride over at Bold and Determined about the New Year’s Manifesto. In a nutshell, it tells you to clearly write your goal and plan of action, then write down a past tense paragraph for the end of the goal and how it feels to have accomplished it. A winning format in my opinion to keep you on track and motivate you to see the plan through til the end.

Who should you tell about your plan? NO ONE!! Keep that shit to yourself. There is nothing worse in the world than people walking around all the time talking about what they are going to do and never actually doing anything. The world is full of walkers and talkers, or as one of my fellow bloggers puts it- Gladiators and spectators (you know who you are Alex)

Sit down and take some time to really think about what it is that you want to accomplish, create the vision in your head, write it down with instructions so simple a child could follow it, stick to the plan, tell no one about it, and get to kicking ass and taking names. Before you know it, we’ll be at the end of yet another year and you will be able to look back knowing that you owned that bitch!

After the goal is accomplished, sit back and wait for all the masses to come to you and ask how you did it.

Rise up and stay strong!!


PS- Happy New Year from the Pride! Now go on Gladiator and get to some ass kicking!

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Revolution

  1. Hey Jeff,

    What you say makes sense. But I think the real flaw lies in the fact that the majority of people think goal-setting is something that should take place on a yearly basis only, when in fact it should be dealt with every day, every week, and every month.

    “After the goal is accomplished, sit back and wait for all the masses to come to you and ask how you did it.”

    —> It’s the best feeling there is.

    I wish you well in 2014.

  2. I guess most people realize that they have been bullshitting all year and to keep face they make one up! Go to the gym now and it will be packed full of people! Then by March the gym will be empty!

    1. Nah, you wont have to wait that long for the gym to be empty again. I’d give it a couple weeks. If you are ready to go really hardcore, set up a gym at your house, then you’ll never have to deal with it.

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