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Previously I spoke about some specific areas in which to turn yourself from a spineless jellyfish into a real man. While there are numerous areas in which to improve, the entire concept of standing up and manning up can be summed up in one simple step. The One Thing.

The one and only, absolute most important thing that you must do to break free and live your life without limitations is………


You must always be in control of the situation. No one is ever going to just hand control over you. You must take it! If someone does give you control, you take it as if there was no other option.

Being in and taking control involves every facet of your physical and mental state. So how do I take control, you ask. Simple

The most important thing that you must control is your emotions. Your mental state must be unbreakable. To give in to the whims of the roller coaster of emotions is for a man to be mentally ill. A man must respond to every situation with a cool head and his emotions in check. There are too many people running around in this world with their brain half cocked and their mouth wide open. Too often men like to play the victim and blame others for their actions. When a man is confronted with doing something rash, reckless, and out of emotional control, he often blames someone or something for “snapping” or saying “They made me do it” . Here’s the lowdown, nobody made you do anything. You had the opportunity to have control, and you chose not to. End of story. A man must be methodical and calculating in his demeanor at all times. When the shit hits the fan, a man who is in control of his mental state will likely make sound quick decisions in a high stress environment.

Never should a man start or go looking for a fight, but should calmly and coldly end a fight when it is presented to him.

In order for you to achieve and maintain peak physical condition, you must take control. You must control what goes into your mouth and when. You must also control your training program. If you start on a program with the intent of gaining strength and muscle mass, you had better see the program through until the end and control your time to where you always have time to get the job done. Many make excuses of not having enough time to train. They’re tired, got busy, or had something else going on. If they really wanted it, they would bite the bullet, stop making excuses, and go get it.

You must control your money, by controlling your spending. Always hold yourself accountable to your money situation and never let it slip. You should never be caught by surprise and not know how much you have at your disposal. The simplest way to control your money is to never go into debt. When you have no debt, it is easier to put money aside and funnel it into the right places. The way to live with no debt is not fall into the trap of consumerism, which is highly contagious in America. It is more important than ever to be a minimalist and lead a simple life. If you take a deep look into what possessions you own and what you think you need, you’ll be quickly surprised at how these flashy objects never satisfy you and do not make you happy in the end. You must live below your means and never rack up debt. You do not have to live dirty and like an animal, but you must put a limit on the baseline of your lifestyle.

If you are not satisfied with the amount of money you are making, you must learn to hustle. To learn the art of hustling to make money aside from your job, you must have total control of your mind. Your mindset and imagination are the only limit to what you can do to make some side cash. If you have a skill, market it and exploit it. even if you are satisfied with your current job, it is in your best interest to start a side hustle to make extra money. This extra money should be used for investing to make even more money.

In the end, we all must be in control. We must control our thoughts, our mind, and our actions.


One thought on “The One Thing

  1. Keeping the mind discipline is something the majority of people cannot do. They would much rather say than think things through or let their emotions run and take over. I see it everyday people walking around running their mouths or overreacting to a problem rather than keeping clam and figuring it out

    I learned that staying calm can help you think clearer when an issue comes to light. So from an early age i began to try not to let my emotions take over. At first it was hard but as i trained to keep my emotions in check it got easier to the point that when something does happen i can keep calm while everyone else is screaming and yelling.

    The great thing about keeping the mind clear when problems erupt is that the other person will get even more frustrated with you since you are keeping your emotions in check. A real man knows when to keep his emotions in check. Letting your emotions run gambit inside of you and other people seeing how you are reacting is a sign of weakness and not strength.

    Unfortunately men like us with the ability of controlling themselves are few and far between as we are surrounded by people who act normal but have a savageness inside.

    Controlling your emotions can be achieved but it takes practice!

    Great post Jeff!

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