Always Strive for Perfection

kevin dooley / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) If this is the first time you have been on this site, you probably don’t notice anything different. If you’ve been following for a while you have probably noticed a lack of posts as of late from The Pride. While I could […]

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Have the Body of A Spartan

I believe some explaining is in order. If you look over to the sidebar, you will see a widget for Body of a Spartan with instructions to “Click here to view more details”. While I have experienced that people have clicked on it, most likely out of pure curiosity, it would probably benefit an explanation […]

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New Year’s Revolution

Ladies and gentlemen of The Pride, the new year is upon us. As 2013 draws to a close and the new year rings in, let us calmly and methodically gear up for our own New Year’s Revolution. What is a New Year’s Revolution you ask? It is a simple mindset of throwing away the old […]

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Merry Christmas from The Pride

Hello everyone! Just dropping a quick line to all of those out there who are faithful readers of The Pride. Today is Christmas, a day to be spent with family, friends and loved ones. Enjoy good company, good food, great experiences, and even a beverage or two. With the year 2013 winding down and coming […]

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What is Strength?

  In the past, I have talked about strength. I have talked about how important it is to develop physical strength through weight training. I have gone so far as to say that strength is the absolute most important asset to attain in the world of training. Though I have spoken at length about physical […]

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The New Black Friday

  Good morning from The Pride! I hope all of you had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday. I know I did! From the all day food free for all of yesterday to the all day free for all of the “biggest shopping day of the year”. The cancerous infection known as Black Friday. It sounds like […]

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Ditch the Holiday Guilt

  Good morning everyone at The Pride, and Happy Thanksgiving!! The Thanksgiving holiday is a time that is supposed to be spent with family, friends, and colleagues. Spending time together along with a wonderful meal. However, for most Americans, the Thanksgiving holiday is filled with stress, anxiety, and emotions. The largest issue with the average […]

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