Why does The Pride Exist?

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Like everything worthwhile in life, there must be a purpose. There must be reason for the existence of everything. Most will look at a website such as this and wonder why it is even there. Well today I’m going to tell you what The Pride is, why it exists, and what it means to you.

The Pride is here and exists for one simple reason. To benefit you! Yes, that is right, this site is here, and was created for you, the reader. For a long time I have had a strong set of personal beliefs, an ethos if you will, about how life should be lived, what to aspire to, and what should be avoided. I put this site together for YOU, the man, or anyone aspiring for higher and attempting to become a real deal valuable man.

Unfortunately, this site and others like it HAVE to exist. Why you ask? Because our society, our world is under attack. The prominence of feminism and oncoming socialism has created a society where no one knows who they are anymore, or what they’re supposed to do or be. The younger generations know nothing about individualism, pride, respect, honor, or self reliance. We are living in a world where we are indoctrinated into believing that higher powers are out for our best interest and that they will take care of us, eliminating the need for us to take care of ourselves. With a consumer driven atmosphere, and a co-dependent nanny state that the higher ups brainwash us with, it is becoming increasingly difficult to take our own path and live on our own terms by fighting our own battles and feeling the rush of adrenaline when we overcome insurmountable odds.

Take a look at the modern American male and tell me what is wrong with this picture. The modern man is soft and feminine and the average levels of testosterone are steadily declining with each generation. He is taught to be a puppet, to be submissive, and in general a feminine pansy. Acts of bravery, honor, and manliness are taught to be barbaric and uncivilized. High testosterone is viewed as a detriment. It is not only acceptable for a man to act feminine and domesticated, but it is encouraged. The government and all of its cohorts are slowly but steadily indoctrinating us to lie down and ┬átake our medicine, telling men that they should “be in touch with their feminine side” and be “sensitive”.

Here’s the truth boys, those are female traits, not male traits and never shall the two paths cross. Men are made to be dominant, in control, assertive, and possess strength and courage. Women are the caregivers, the nurturers, and the supporters. There is nothing wrong with this, and it is not a detriment to say that a woman is the caregiver. The problem lies when a feminist, liberal society scoffs at the idea of women acting like women. The left wish for women to strive for control and dominance whether they want to or not, because they too are being indoctrinated into attempting to take over the world.

It is this time, in this society, in this form of government that information found in The Pride and other sources must exist. Men must reclaim their spirit, their honor, their strength, and their individualism. It is up to us to take a stand now and pave the road for generations to follow, otherwise, man, and society as we know it will cease to exist.

I encourage you follow along and take the steps necessary to become a man, a man among men. I encourage you to join The Pride!!!

A fellow blogger, Alex-Ding recently described the two types of people in a way that struck a chord with me. Gladiators and spectators! Those are your options men. You can be a gladiator, or you can be a spectator. The choice is yours!!

Rise up and stay strong!!

5 thoughts on “Why does The Pride Exist?


    Brother after reading this post i feel that you hit the nail on the head! I guess i’m not the only man in this society who has been noticing how these young men are acting like “Bitches” rather than men!

    Like you i believe a man is supposed to be a man and act like a man and not like a woman. We need to fight, protect, provide, Be Honorable and self reliant! Unfortunately these types of men are a dying breed so it is up to us to show these “Youngins” how to be real men! These types of blogs are needed in order to show other men who do not know how to be a real man. No one is teaching them so again it is up to us to save them.

    It will be a long hard fight as we will need to erase years of government indoctrination that had made the men of today believe in a feminist society. The men are starting to notice and we are not happy the group is getting bigger. I always do my part to spread the word as much as possible knowledge is the key!

    So Jeff keep doing and keep preaching you are getting through to them bro!

    1. TY Jose- Your comments are inspiring to say the least. It’s nice to know someone is listening.

      In reality, it would be very easy to just accept the fact that the world is declining and sit back and watch it burn. Somehow, I cannot force myself to do that and I think that it is possible to make some change even if it smaller in scale. Who knows, maybe us bloggers can make a difference and bring back a renaissance of real men.

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