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The concept of being a man, a real man, is a lost art in our society. It is a mixed bag open to interpretation. Everything about being a man is under scrutiny by the entire population. Religious circles, women, feminist movements, and family all have different ideas of what a man should be.  Most of these circles are in fact lying to themselves, and lying to you, men, about what it really means to be a man.

So today, let’s start with the basics and learn how to be on your way to being a real man, an above average man with no limitations.

Lift Weights

Notice I did not say “work out”. The concept of working out in today’s society could involve lifting weights, but usually falls under lifting tiny girl weights, spinning classes, aerobics, or god forbid jogging. Never in the history of the world have men been more confused about how to build their bodies.

So here’s the deal. Lift weights. Heavy weights. Use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells (my favorite), rocks, sandbags, or whatever you want. Train for strength with low repetitions. Use ample rest periods in the beginning and make it a priority to decrease your rest periods over time. This will give you conditioning. Use time tested and proven exercises that give you the biggest bang for your buck, such as squats, clean and presses, deadlifts, and chin ups.

Lifting weights will make you feel amazing. You will become stronger, and more resilient. Probably the #1 benefit of lifting weights is confidence and building character. When you are strong, lean, and muscular, you automatically command respect that you other wise wouldn’t get. You walk taller, prouder, and with purpose.

Eat Meat

Watching modern men consuming processed foods, “healthy” grains, and soy products makes me sick to my stomach. Enough is enough already!  All the while their estrogen levels are rising and their becoming more feminine as we speak.

You need to eat meat! Not exclusively, but you should add it to your diet. Along with eggs, butter, other types of meat (especially red) and some vegetables to round it out. Pretty simple.

You would be best to avoid anything processed (man made) and definitely do not consume soy products, which are highly processed and subject to extreme heat, which denatures what’s left of any protein in it.

Follow your Obsession

Most people use the word obsession in a negative light. He’s obsessed. Why are you so obsessed? Blah blah blah! The word obsession, or obsessed is a power word used by above average people. Average Joes use the word obsessed and obsession with negativity and contempt. Never be bashful about obsession. If you want a rock hard body of granite, get obsessed. If you want to start a business and make a shitload of money, get obsessed. Whatever your goal in life, turn it into an obsession. Get yourself fired up, focus like a laser beam and get the job done.

Don’t be a twink

Yes, I said it. Do not under any circumstances allow the world to chop off your manhood and throw it in a blender. Never back down from what you believe in. Always stand your ground and stick to your guns.

There is a multitude of feminine twinks out there who bow down to society and become what they think everyone wants them to be. I do not care personally if you are gay or not, but dont flaunt around like a fairy. Seeing men dressed in pastels and skinny jeans is repulsive. Seeing “straight” men dressed in dirty, grungy, attire with their head held low and zero self respect is disheartening. Seeing fat or skinny-fat men parading around with no self esteem and cracking jokes and snickering when talking about men with pride and honor is disgusting.

If you’re in doubt, go back and read #1. Build your body and your mind. Have self respect and be a man.

Be in Control

Always take control of situations and never give anyone else control. Take back control of your life. Self control, self reliance, and self preservation. Always be in control of your emotions and keep yourself in check.

The simplest way to always be in control is to control your money. Never, ever go into debt for any reason. We’ve been slowly conditioned towards instant gratification and we’re going deeper into debt to fill that need.

Quite simply, if you cannot afford it, do not buy it until you can pay for it in full with zero payments, which leads to zero interest. Racking up debt for the newest, latest, greatest toy, device, home, or car is nonsense. Save your money and live below your means.

Controlling your money and saving up leads to less stress because you dont have to worry about making payments for years to pay off something you bought several months or years ago.

Controlling spending and making money leads us to the last thing we will talk about today. What’s the best way to control your money?

Start a side Hustle

Hustling is a lost art that is showing a resurgence in modern times. When most people hear the word hustle, they immediately think negative. They confuse the word hustling with the word swindling. “I got hustled“, or “That guy hustled me” they say.

Hustling is the simple act of making side money on your own. Most people have a job. Some people have a job they love, and some have a job they hate. Whether or not you love or hate your job, it is in your best interest to start a hustle.

But how can I start a hustle, you ask. Well, its very simple. What do you enjoy doing? What are you skilled at? Is there a market for something that you can provide?

Starting a side hustle has never been simpler. If you have skills at fixing things, you can start marketing yourself for fixing things for other people. If you can build things, you can market that. If you can imagine it, you can market it. Selling things, painting houses, fixing things, building things, landscaping. You get the idea. Start with something small, and grow it as large as you want.

There are more areas to being a man, but this is plenty enough to get yourself started. If you start working on these things today, you’ll be light years ahead of the average man in no time flat.

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Be a Real Man

  1. Fantastic post!
    I came across your blog through BADM blog and i like this post very much! Just like you i too am trying to decipher what it is to be a real man and not a man that society wants us to be. It is extremely hard to be a real man when you have others telling you what a man should inspire to be.
    I learned that in order to be a real man we will need to look inside of ourselves and find our maleness. I like to call it the “hidden man” as it is hard to remove all the garbage we have been fed through the years and find the real thing.

    keep rising brother!

    1. @Jose- Ty for your kind words brother. They are much appreciated. My site is new and continually growing. I am working on some other future posts that are coming up very soon.

      As an aside, I have been reading your blog as well for the last few months. Great job and future success!

      1. Hey just looking out for another fellow blogger! This blog will go places if you keep posting such great posts! Will check here often.

        Also Thank You for reading and checking out my blog as well and thanks for the kudos as i will keep posting.

        Blogging will take a hold of you trust me! Once it does you will begin to write about everything and that is good!

        Keep in touch and keep rising!

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