Resurgence of the Renaissance Man

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In today’s world, especially in the United States, everyone is talking about the same thing and living in fear. They constantly stress and worry about the same thing. The economy, the high unemployment rate, and the lack of jobs. Combine this with the lifestyle of consumerism and keeping up with the Jonses, and you have chaos.

The reason for this is simple. That’s what people have been told for decades. Get a job, keep a job, go to college to get a better job, make more money, and keep up with the lifestyle of everyone else. Buy the big houses, the fancy cars, the gadgets and trinkets, and dig yourself into the debt hole until you have no choice but to worry about your job and keeping your job until the day you die.

The biggest problems with this scenario are twofold. Firstly, everyone in the U.S. is in a single mode of thinking when it comes to employment. Have a job. Financial advisers always talk about diversifying assets and spreading your investments when talking about investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, and other securities, but everyone thinks of making money in singular terms.

Secondly, the fact that people constantly overextend themselves to have the “finer things in life” leaves them with the noose so tight that they cannot ever fathom losing their single source of income. Their job.

The funny thing is that life was not always this way. It is only in recent times that people have become job and career dependent and focus on a single source of income. The concept of doing good in school, going to college to get a degree, and getting a good lifelong job is a relatively new concept.

I am not one to sound like the old generation and pine for the good old days, but I think we are going backward to a time much like the past in terms of employment. Enter the renaissance era!

Much like decades past, the concept of jobs and the job market are going by the wayside. This is forcing people to become more resourceful and learn how to make money aside from a job (hustling). The numbers are astounding of how many people annually are becoming self employed and making a living on their own.

Prior to the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, this is how life was lived. Remember the tale of the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker? These were tradesmen who had small businesses and made their own money by providing value to their community. Blacksmiths, barbers, farmers, and store owners were the driving force of the economy.

When the Industrial Revolution came along, these tradesmen were replaced by factories, mills, and major corporations that focused on big business and fast production. These days, our country is very low on production and living on debt, much like today’s consumer. The job market is getting thinner by the day and companies are outsourcing and downsizing.

This brings us to a call to action to become entrepreneurs. If you have a job right now and are satisfied with your employment, by all means keep it, but listen carefully. Start doing something to make side money. It does not matter how big or small right now, just get the ball rolling and plant the seeds for the future.

If you have a job and hate it, or if you have no job you better get going now and start blazing your own trail.

What type of business do I start?

That’s completely up to you. Sit down with a pen and paper and think of things that interest you, things you are good at, as well as things that you can market. You do not necessarily have to start a business per se. You can easily find ways to make side cash now and eventually start a business later.

One thing that you may want to keep in mind is the thought of starting an online business. The internet is the wave of the future and is increasingly responsible for worldwide sales. Everyone is shopping online and its in your best interest to get a piece of the action.

You can start an internet business in may ways including:

a blog or other information/niche website

an internet store

a dropshipping site

create and sell your own product

write and sell ebooks

affiliate marketing

and many more

Just sit down and put pen to paper and start working on your side hustle. If you have no idea how to start an website or internet business, there are infinite free resources on….. the internet!

When should I start?

Start right now! This very second! Better yet, you should have started yesterday! Today is the day to embrace the future of what we think of as employment and become modern day renaissance men.

Rise up and stay strong!!


P.S- If you are struggling to grasp the concept of Renaissance Men, if you need motivation to go in that direction, or if you would like more information about it check out the book Early Retirement Extreme. This book talks extensively about the Renaissance Man as well as how to retire sooner than later.

5 thoughts on “Resurgence of the Renaissance Man

  1. God Damn Brother A Great Post!

    These are trying days these days were the majority of people are paper pushers or working in jobs with no future. As time progresses to the future more and more people are realizing that you can no longer depend on your employer to earn yourself a living but now you have to face up and realize that no one is going to help you that you are going to have to go out there and plan to hustle.

    Grab that pen and paper and list a few ideas you can do as a side hustle: (These are mine so make your own! :))

    1. Fix broken laptops and desktops
    2. Set up Satellite Televisions/ Cable TV
    3. Airport Shuttle ( there are websites that can rent you to take people around like taxis)
    4, Office Cleaning business
    5.Fix bicycles (Once the economy stops working bicycles can be a great form of transport)
    6. Security
    8.water bottle company (Buy some clean water bottles and a good filter and use the kitchen sink)

    These are just a few ideas that popped in my head just now! I’m sure you could out with some more!

    Keep The Hustle Renaissance Man!!

    1. I think it really gonna come down to a drastic change in how we view employment and making money. The concept of jobs and working for others is becoming lost in the shuffle.

      I’ve recently began a couple of hustles of my own

      1. Cutting and selling firewood (a big market where I live)

      2. Buying cheap goods and selling them locally and on ebay

      3. I recently attended a course to be a certified armorer for Glock pistols.

      4. Painting houses and doing small carpentry jobs.

      There are a multitude of ways to make side cash. I thought I had thought of numerous ones, but I had not thought of most of the ones you listed. Just goes to show that the possibilities are endless.

      Stay strong brother


      1. The possibilities are endless! Imagine what we could do if a large group of people got together! One question though what is a certified armored for Glock? I never heard of that? Sounds interesting and what does it consist of?

        Again Jeff great. Post!

        1. An armorer, in its origin was a term used for the person responsible for repair and maintenance of firearms in a military unit.

          It is still used to describe one who repairs and maintains firearms. The class I went to was intensive and taught us how to strip down, inspect, and repair Glock pistols specifically.

          Glock recommends an annual armorer inspection of their pistols and has courses to certify armorers.

  2. True words.

    As more and more people realize that their employers won’t take care of them, they’ll have to start taking care of themselves. If you wanna get anywhere in life, you have to work for yourself and start taking risks.

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