What is Strength?

By: Next TwentyEight


In the past, I have talked about strength. I have talked about how important it is to develop physical strength through weight training. I have gone so far as to say that strength is the absolute most important asset to attain in the world of training.

Though I have spoken at length about physical strength, I feel it necessary to expand and talk about many forms of strength. When stripped down to it’s core and explained in all areas, strength is the absolute most important attribute that there ever was, is, or will be.

Physical Strength

I have said it before and I will say it again. Strength is where it is at! There is no other reason to train with weights other than to gain strength. Sure, if you have been at it for a while, you can expand your training a little to pack on some muscle, but your foundation should always be strength.

Building strength is also the simplest method of training around. How simple? Pick up heavy shit for a few repetitions using as many muscle groups as possible and put it back down. I said simple, not easy. Anyone can pick up light weights and throw them around for endless reps, but a true warrior will aspire to pick up heavy weights and become a man among men.

Mental Strength

In today’s world, mental strength just may be the most important type of strength to possess. Physical strength is the most optimal in the physical training aspect, but mental strength is the be all end all that ties it together.¬†There is no way to develop physical strength without mental strength. Again, building strength is not easy.

Mental strength is a virtue above none other. A man must be able to control his emotions, control situations, and keep his wits about him. too often do you see mentally ill girly men losing control of their thoughts, actions, and their lives in general. As I have also said before, be in control.

Skill Strength

This is where we get to the type of strength that most people do not think about. What the hell are you talking about skill strength? Simple. As you go through life, you are no better than your skill set. Sure you may be really good at one or two things, but something that will separate you from the rest of the pack is a vast array of skills. In a survival mode fight to the finish, the one with the widest skill set would win. If the TV show Survivor was for real and not a stupid popularity contest, the one with the most skills would win hands down.

The 21st century Renaissance Man is master of skill strength. The Renaissance Man is capable of making money and living a diverse, fulfilling life by forever expanding his skills.

The average person is a master of outsourcing. They never do anything for themselves. They outsource yard work, home remodeling, car cleaning and repair, cooking, cleaning, and even outsource their money by paying a money manager.

By having a vast array of skills, you become a more valuable member of society. You make your own money, you clean, maintain, and remodel your own house, you do your own yard work, cook your own food. Hell, even growing your own food is valuable skill.

Aside from the basic skills that most people take for granted, take the time to build a wide variety of skills to improve your life and the lives of others around you. Instead of outsourcing, try in-sourcing. The man who can do anything for himself without depending on others is a man among men in my book.

The term jack of all trades comes to mind. Unfortunately it is looked at in a negative light and followed up with master of none. In reality you do not have to master all trades and skills that you possess. You can definitely master one or even a narrow few, but have enough knowledge of other skills to be able to get through the task at hand.

I am a firm believer in the DIYDS philosophy of life. That is- DO IT YOUR DAMN SELF. Not only will it not punch your pocket book as hard, but also fulfill your life and make people ask if there is anything you cannot do.


Rise up and stay strong!!


3 thoughts on “What is Strength?

  1. Great post Jeff

    Strength does come in many different phases and not just physical. For me although physical is great to have but with out the mental strength how is the person able to control their emotions and keep their cool.

    Growing up in NYC I cann tell you that anyone who grew up here is mentally strong. You have to keep your wits from all of the negativity you see out there. I remember being in boot camp and seeing these grown men break down crying because they could not handle the verbal abuse of the drill sergeant. I never could understand why or how these guys were breaking down like that. I like to think that they were not exposed to the realities of life. And because of this although they were physically strong mentally they were a mess!
    I remember a drill sergeant yelling at the top of his lungs because I brung my rifle down hitting the ground. I just stood there while he was centimeters near my face. I just looked at his forehead and tuned him out! I stood there like a tree holding itself down from the storm. When he was done I yelled “Yes drill sergeant!” And that was that!

    I also believe in learning many different skills! This is what a man is all about knowing certain things that he can use when the time is called for. Unlike most people I can change a tire, headlights, breaklights, oil, filter. I can also fix laptops, desktops, printers, cable tv, install DVD players, home entertainment systems, even install a toilet etc. For me I have always been a curious person about things. My wife always tells me that I’m a jack of all trades and a aster of none! Like you I hate that saying because it basically makes us look like fools.

    Everyone is a specialist! Why limit yourself to one thing why not learn many things. For me those who specialize on one thing tend to know less than those who generalize. There have been times that I have been around all of these specialists and I’m the one who sees something that they do not. All because I’m open to everything and can use the things i have learned to actually help.

    Strength is important in any man! Without strength a man cannot be a man! If he can spread his strength through these three you mentioned then in huge end you will be an all around man!


    1. It is the only way to be Jose.

      I am definitely not the type of person who is linearly interested in making money and learning skills. I guess I get bored too easily. Jack of all trades and master of at least one, but a close second in all the others. Proficiency in everything or at least striving for it is the best way to live a well rounded happy fulfilling life.

      Stay strong brother and Merry Christmas!

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