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Every time average people read above average advice, they come to the same conclusion. They always say the same things. They say “That sounds cool, but I could never do that”, “That’s not for me”, or “I’m not good enough to live like that”. To this I say, BULLSHIT! These are nothing but excuses and they will never allow you to be anything above or beyond what you already are. If you think you cannot do something, create something valuable, or live your life a certain way, you have already failed.

There is one key step in taking the plunge from average to above average. That first step is…. change your mindset! If you have the mindset that you are no more and never will be any more than you already are, then you are already defeated. If you call yourself an average guy and nothing more, you’ll always be an average guy and nothing more. The reason that you probably think that ┬áthere is no more for you is because living the Average Joe life is the easy way and you will never have to worry about failing or striving for higher.

The other reason that you probably believe this is because you were most likely born into a normal, average life and bought into the lie of past generations. They always say things like “Don’t be greedy”, “Don’t take more than you deserve or need”, and give you the timeless advice to go to college and get a degree, save 10% of your income, and live like a king when you’re 60+. They will tell you that you are no better than anyone or you’re nothing special, and to never ask for more.

This brings us to the crossroads where we must make a decision to follow the “time tested advice” and follow their path, or rise above, blaze your own trail, and set your sights for greatness!

If you want something in life, it is completely possible to get it, but you first must change your mindset. You must change your mind to program it from being average and wanting nothing more to a winning mindset that knows no limits.

The average man is a pathetic man. The average man has an average body. A combination of skinny and fat (skinny fat). The average man goes to work for a paycheck because he has to, or because he has too many bills to pay. Here’s a different thought. How about embracing your own personal level of minimalism, not chasing the brass ring of possessions to keep up with the Jonses. Not submitting to a life of debt and sacrifice.

Stay out of debt. If you have a job, do the job like it was your passion. If you hate your job, like the average man does, get yourself out of the shackles and find yourself a new job. In the mean time, start a side hustle to make money on your own terms, invest this money to make more money, and possibly make this income replace the income from your job.

Be a lion! Strive for higher! Rise above! Above average at bare minimum always striving to improve. Be the man that everyone looks up to and wants to be. An above average body of granite, an above average mind, and an above average life full of happiness and contentment.

To say that changing your mindset is ALL that you have to do is not true, but it is the first step!

3 thoughts on “How to Take the First Step

  1. Changing your mindset from that of an average joe to one of a winner takes a lot of practice and training. You see we have been brought up since we were little to follow the set path everyone else is following even though that set path does not lead to the city of success instead it just goes and goes with no end in sight.

    Those who realize that the road paved for you is not going to lead you to success. Winners make their own roads to success and at times the path made is shorter than the one laid out for us. God did not put you in this world to be average he wanted you to be something or somebody important and not an average person. I know for me i had a very negative mindset when i was younger and i learned to get over that hurdle by thinking differently and also was helped by the military to think on your feet. I refuse to be stuck in the ghetto like the rest of these average people because i knew the world is much bigger than that.

    SO i made the change and my life turned for the better! For me it was all about the mindset and once i chose to change it everything else just came along with it. A person with a positive mind can move mountains because of the right mind set.

    A little saying i just made up while writing this comment:

    An average joe will get eaten by the lion, while a winner will kill a lion!

    Great post as always Jeff keep up the good work!!


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