All Things Are Possible With Strength


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There are many people out there struggling with their physical self. They would like to better themselves physically but they cannot weed through all of the “information” from all of the “gurus” out there. Everywhere they turn, they’re finding conflicting information from so-called experts out there. When they do finally find something, a program to follow, they begin with the utmost enthusiasm only to end a short while later frustrated with lack of progress and burnt out.

This is where strength training comes in and the “workout syndrome” should be thrown out the window. Most everywhere you look, products are teaching people to “feel the burn”, “burn fat with this workout”, run yourself into the ground, and strive to “burn more calories”.

Here is the fact of the matter. Based on years of experience, I can tell you undoubtedly that the majority of the “fitness” programs ¬†out there are worthless. Any of the so-called fat burning workouts leave you in a state of exhaustion and really dont “burn fat”

In the spirit of minimalism, there are two things that you must concern yourself with and two things only. As I have progressed through life, I have discovered that the best solution to almost any problem is the least complex.

The first thing to concern yourself with is STRENGTH. Yes, physical strength. Not higher repetitions, not keeping your heart rate in the “target zone”, not racing the clock. We’re talking about strength. Simple, but not easy.

How do you train for strength? Simple. Pick up something heavy, put it back down, and repeat. Your repetition range for strength is 1-5. Focus on the big “bang for your buck” exercises such as deadlifts, clean and presses, squats, clean and jerks, and chin-ups. I have spoken about this before but it’s worth repeating.

My personal favorite type of training that has come into popularity over the last decade is the kettlebell. The kettlebell is the single most effective piece of training hardware ever created. Compact, versatile, and packs a punch for strength and conditioning.

The very best program for beginning training with a kettlebell is Enter the Kettlebell!

Enter the Kettlebell is the finest strength program using a kettlebell that I personally ever used. It is not strictly a beginner program that is meant to be used and discarded, but can be plugged in for the long haul.

So why train for strength when everyone else is preaching conditioning and feeling the burn? Because training for strength is the best way to maximize fat loss. How, you ask? Well, simply lift a heavier weight for low repetitions. You get huffing and puffing. Your heart rate goes through the roof! From a few simple repetitions, you get more bang for your buck than a higher rep set with a lighter weight. And this leads to the biggest benefit. Metabolic cost. It takes a larger amount of reserves and physical output to lift a heavier weight. Not only that but it forces you to train explosively. Consequently, it is safer due to the fact that you are forced to focus intently on what you’re doing instead of letting your mind wander somewhere else.

Many will say that training strictly for strength is not enough and they aspire to gain muscular body weight. This is fine, but remember that if you have not been training for a while or have never trained before, you have no business trying to put on muscle. You need a strength base first. You will be surprised to see just how much muscle you can put on by training for strength, especially in the beginning.

How strong do I need to be you may ask. As a baseline, you should be able to press your body weight overhead with two arms, or half of your body weight with one arm. Enter The Kettlebell will take you to the mountain top to pressing half of your body weight overhead with one arm.

As a contrarian in fitness, this is without a doubt where your focus should be to lose the flab and get rock solid. I have noticed every time that by following the typical fat loss program, I did everything but. It was not until I started focusing on strength that I began to get leaner as well as stronger.

The second thing to concern yourself with is nutrition. What you eat. How can I make this simple for everyone? If it does not walk on the earth, grow from the earth, or fall from a tree, do not eat it. Simple. A steady diet of meat, eggs, and vegetables could be no simpler.

Call it a paleo diet or whatever you like, but call it effective because it most certainly is. A diet of this layout will give you strength, energy, a testosterone boost, and the fat will drop off of you like never before.

Ideally, since this is a ketogenic diet, you will want to eat this way 5-6 days per week, and have 1 but no more than 2 days where you eat whatever you like. Pizza, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, etc. are fine but hold it to no more than 2 days per week, ideally 1.

There is no better time to start becoming a man among men today. Stop wasting time, get in the gym or wherever you train and get your ass moving!! Start moving some heavy weights, start eating some steaks, and watch your body begin to transform before your very eyes.

Rise up and stay strong!

3 thoughts on “All Things Are Possible With Strength

  1. Dude as always great post!

    I began to go to the gym as well and learning on how to lose the fat and gain muscle. I had to change the way i ate and stopped spending time laid up watching TV. I have look through the many different types of programs but must are too complicated or takes too much time. I thought to myself that there has to be a better more simple way.

    So i started the gym and began to watch the other fellas there working out and noticed that every one was hitting the free weights. Since then i started to do the same thing and for the past two months of lifting and watching what i eat and stuck to meat and veggies and lost 12 pounds. Its not much but its a start and it gave me the motivation to continue.

    Yes all you have to do is lift weights and build up your strength and while you are doing it your muscles will begin to form. The more years you stick to it the more defined your body will be.

    Great Post!

    1. Congrats on hitting the gym Jose. Stick with the big moves and free weights and you’ll be strong as an ox in no time.

      It does take time, but anything worthwhile does.

      Stay strong brother!

  2. The best solution is also the least complex, but it does take a lotta work.

    Lifting heavy and eating paleo is pretty much the foundation for getting stronger and leaner. The main thing is … are you willing to take the time to do it?

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